World without animal testing is possible.

It’s a world where millions of animals get to live free, happy, and healthy lives! With great scientific advances being made regularly, there has never been a better time to abandon the inhumane and completely unnecessary practice of using defenceless animals for experiments.

Most animal testing is done for research purposes. It is practiced to judge the effectiveness of the products and to assess their safety for human consumption. Around hundreds of thousand animals are tested around the world, studies indicate. These are rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, rats, and mice. In India, a national cosmetics animal testing ban was implemented in June 2014, and an import ban became effective in November 2014.

Animals are being used to examine the effects on skin and eye irritation. Chemicals are rubbed onto their shaved skin or dripped into the eyes and if needed the helpless beings are repeatedly force-fed to determine signs of general illness or specific hazards like cancer or birth defects. Almost without an exception, the companies have a choice. But most companies still prefer animal tests because they insist on developing and using “new” ingredients.

While there has been tremendous progress, research is still going on to determine the safety and accuracy of the alternatives. In order to determine the reaction, in vitro tests, use bacteria, isolated cells, cell cultures, or tissues. Another approach involves the use of computational methods, use of mathematics to determine the results. These are still work in progress, will take years of study, and furthermore approval by an authorized body to regularize the practice. Just imagine, if a chemical requires to be tested on other living beings before it is deemed to be safe for human consumption, how safe can it actually be?

Is there a middle ground? Thousands of ingredients with a long history of safe use could be used because these will have existing safety data and require no testing.  Organic and natural ingredients can also be used which have no harmful on human skin could be used. Using such products for raw material will not only ensure good quality of the end result but will also result in a fresh and healthy product.

We, at BioBlush, are aware of the aforementioned scenario. We know that our fuzzy little friends deserve to live without being tortured. If you notice, our website has got an icon of two bunnies among others. This shows our commitment to a cruelty-free practice. We respect nature and hence, we do not engage in animal testing.  Furthermore, all our products are natural and vegetarian resulting in fresh and ethical consumption for our beloved customers. 

A world where we use the latest technologies to give us more accurate and cruelty-free results is possible if we all work together and advocate for animal-free testing.


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