Chocolate is not only good in taste but it also has a lot of benefits for skin too. Chocolate clay helps to cleanse and exfoliates dry cells and debris from the surface of the skin. 


When adding chocolate clay in the product, it provides absorbency, texture and bulk to the product. It helps your skin keep hydrated and keep it fresh, protect your skin from environmental conditions, fights ageing and also provides nutrients to your skin.

Products with this ingredient

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    Clay face mask

    Cup of Coffee

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    Wakes up tired skin

    Hey, sleepy head, looking for something to waken up your skin and soul, what could be better than a Cup of Coffee. Wake up and revitalize our skin with the rich, exhilarating aroma of fresh ground coffee. Our coffee and clay mask consists of kaolin clay, bentonite clay and chocolate clay; all three clays acts as cleanser that removes your skin cells damaged by dirt and pollution, it opens up the pores and prevents blackheads. The ground coffee acts as a gentle scrub to buff away dryness and reveal lively and glowing skin.

    How to use-

    Apply a generous layer of this mask and leave for 10-15 minutes. Let it work on your skin and then gently wash with warm water

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