Cleanse Your Face with Muds and Clays


Whenever someone suggests you to use clay as your face cleanser, don’t you find it a little weird? Clay? As a face cleanser?

Well! Those people are actually very correct.

Cleansing skin with clays is nothing new—in fact, it dates back to ancient times, and for good reason! Full of beneficial minerals, these natural wonders absorb excess oils and gently cleanse the skin to leave it smooth, taut and velvety soft.

Choosing a clay cleanser means that you are choosing a cleanser that will nourish your skin and replenish its moisture while restoring essential minerals. Clays have the ability to attach themselves to the oil, dirt and other impurities in your skin and hence eliminating them. This can leave your skin feel clear and cleansed. You might surely think that clay might leave your skin dry.

But let me answer this! The way clay dries on your skin, it leaves your pores tighter, refined and clear. Not only this, clays also brighten your complexion and leaves your skin softer and smoother.

Now you might be thinking why should you choose clay over any other cleanser available in the market? But, let me tell you, the other cleanser only provides you with fast but short term cleansing. It does make your skin feel smooth but only for a short span of time. If you really want a cleaner and better skin for all through your life, then clay must be your choice.

Our best-selling Oat my God! is made of a heavenly blend of Oats, Rose Clay, Calamine Powder and Neroli and Cedarwood oils. Its gently exfoliating touch and balancing effects make it an ideal everyday cleanser that leaves skin feeling truly angelic.

So, if you aren’t using clay as a part of your regular beauty routine, then you are surely missing out on many benefits.
Always remember, glowing skin is a result of proper skincare. It means you can wear less makeup and let your skin shine through.