Cocoa Powder helps in increasing the elasticity of your skin, helps with fine lines, wrinkles and reduces the appearances of scars and gives it a Chocolatey aroma.


Cocoa powder helps in softening the skin, it has a silky texture and it smells really tasty.It has been extracted from Cocoa Beans, first the Cocoa Butter is removed from the beans, and then we obtain Cocoa Powder.

Cocoa Powder is a very delicious ingredient and has many benefits and nutritions in it, it has been used in cosmetics and food for thousands of years.

It helps you protect your skin cells from heat, air, reduces ageing, and also increases the elasticity of your skin, which helps reduce wrinkles, scars,etc.

Products with this ingredient

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    Chocolate body scrub


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    Chocolaty indulgence

    If it’s irresistibly soft skin you cherish, scrub up with this indulging chocolaty treat. Enriched with olive oil which keeps your skin feeling soft and nourished while sea salt gently scrub away the dryness. Cocoa powder, rich in antioxidants, when combined with refreshing peppermint oil soothes, cools and freshens up your bath making you ready for the day ahead.

    How to use-

    Grab a handful and gently scrub your skin to buff away the rough patches, then wash away and let the chocolatey and refreshing scent lift your spirits throughout the day.

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