Marigold Petal Infusion

Marigold has antibacterial properties which helps in getting rid of wrinkles & pimples. It gives the beautiful colour and the amazing fragrance to our products like the beautiful yellow colour in our Wriggle Giggle – Grapefruit Shower Jelly comes from Fresh Marigold Petal Infusion.


Marigold contains many nutrients good for skin while applying and also clears the excess oil on the skin. It also helps in reducing the risk of skin infections.

Products with this ingredient

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    Grapefruit shower jelly

    Wriggle giggle

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    Looking To Have A Little More Fun While Getting A Little More Clean In The Shower?

    No matter whether we are a child, a teenager or a grown up, we all love jellies. Treat yourself with a great shower, playing with this wobbly Grapefruit Shower Jelly. The fresh marigold flower infusion gives it a beautiful yellow colour and brightens up your skin making it look smoother and softer. The grapefruit oil gives a refreshing citrusy aroma, it also helps to cleanse, tone and brighten congested skin. The carrageenan gum forms the jelly . It is very rich in minerals and forms a protective layer on your skin.


    How to use-

    Wobble this pot of shower jelly all over your skin for gentle cleansing or enjoy this jelly straight from the fridge or freezer for a toe-tapping refreshing skin.


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