Neroli Oil

Neroli Oil is an essential oil, pulled out from the flowers of bitter orange trees. It is also known as orange blossom oil. The oil is extracted from the flowers by steam distillation. Neroli oil helps tone the skin and gives the product a heavenly aroma.


Neroli originated from many countries, including Egypt, Algeria, Morocco and Spain, although the oils from France and Tunisia are considered to be the most prized. It is believed that Citrus x aurantium, the bitter orange tree, was first discovered in southeast Asia, then spread to India, Burma, and China.

Neroli oil is benefited for conditions like depression, anxiety, high blood pressure, seizures and menopausal symptoms. It helps in reducing scars, minimizes age spots, fights pimples, safe for sensitive skin and smooths wrinkles.

Neroli oil contains linalool, linalyl acetate, nerolidol and limonene,etc.

Products with this ingredient

  • Sale! Oats Face CleanserOats face Cleanser
    Oats face cleanser

    Oat My God !

    450.00 395.00

    For Heavenly Soft Skin

    We may or may not love oats as a healthy diet food, this oats face cleanser will surely be loved by your skin. Oats coated with rose clay and calamine powder, provides mild scrubbing by oaty texture and deep cleanses your face with rose clay and calamine powder. The glycerine binds the clays and acts as humectant which provides moisture to your skin. Blended with essential oils like neroli and cedarwood, giving it a heavenly aroma, this cleanser must be your go to product, and because it’s so gentle, anyone can use it.

    How to use-

    Take a spatula, add a little water to the cleanser and make a paste. When you are happy with the texture, massage it over your face and gently rinse it with water.

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  • Sale! Clayopedia - Clay Face SoapClayopedia
    Clay face soap


    320.00 295.00

    For a clean, calm and rosy skin

    Feel like you have the world’s most oily skin? Allow us to prescribe you a pink rosy cleansing bar with fresh rose petal extract to soothe dry patches, lots of calamine powder which helps to absorb excess oils and calms troubled skin and kaolin clay to keep skin clean and clear, this soap is great for gently easing skin back into balance.

    How to use-

    Wet face and the cleansing bar. Create a lather in your hands, then apply to the face. Rinse thoroughly and pat dry.


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