Not only your Dry skin but
Oily skin Needs some pampering as well

Whether you are getting late for the office or you want to spend a lazy day sleeping in bed, moisturization is a must. It must be a part of your daily skincare routine when you hit the hay and get out of your bed. Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror and thought something is missing from your beautiful face? That freshness, that radiance is lost somewhere? This is the secret of beautiful, fresh skin and the natural glow from within look- Moisturization.

But what makes this step in your skincare routine so important? What makes moisturization so beneficial? For starters, external factors like dirt, UV rays can affect your moisture barrier. It can also happen that you accidentally over-cleanse your skin and rip out the moisture.

Some people believe it is important to moisturize only if you have dry or normal skin. This is false. All skin types must follow a proper regime and that includes a moisturizer that suits their skin type. If you belong to the dry skin it does what it is meant for, to prevent dryness and maintain hydrated skin. If you have oily skin, this is where it gets tricky. If you don’t moisturize, your oily skin will produce more oil to prevent dryness it tends to compensate for what’s lacking. Therefore, your skin will feel more oily and may get you in a lot of trouble.

It has got other benefits too such as

Slow signs of ageing

Hydrated skin is younger-looking skin. A moisturizer works to improve the appearance of a wrinkle by making the wrinkle less deep. When moisturizer is applied, the skin absorbs the moisturizer. The skin puffs up and lessens the appearance of the wrinkle.

Help Fight Acne

When your skin produces less oil, your pores will clog less resulting an acne-free skin. As strange it may sound to add oil to already oil-prone skin, you just have to trust us with this one. You will see the results in the short term.

Soothe Sensitive Skin

Got sensitive skin? Red/ itchy patches and irritation bothers you a lot? Try using a moisturizer with natural and fresh ingredients. Look for ingredients like aloe vera and glycerine in your moisturizer to help your sensitive skin.

Do you think it will be difficult to find a moisturizer which can help you with the above-mentioned benefits? We have created one for you. We have selected ingredients that will soothe your skin and moisturize your face for the fresh and hydrated skin you always craved.

Our moisturizer, Bio Hydrate is a light and gentle moisturizer is perfect for every skin type. It is the perfect blend of ingredients like rose petals and aloe vera. It has got intensely nourishing ingredients like cocoa butter and shea butter along with glycerine. This miracle product also has the property to soothe the skin along with the adequate hydration you need. Our product is not going to give you a greasy skin nor it requires you to use a lot of products to get the required hydration.

Now you know everything there is to know about moisturizer (well, almost everything) but there is one important thing you don’t know and that is how to use it. Follow these steps to moisturize your face properly.

  • After washing your face, pat it dry before applying your moisturizer.
  • Make sure you apply moisturizer gently, using upward strokes. Never press or pull on your skin.
  • Remember, moisturizer is the last step in your skincare followed by sunscreen at daytime.

We, at BioBlush, use only fresh ingredients in our products and the ingredients that work. Our products are fresh and cruelty-free. We urge you to stop using toxic products for your skin and switch to natural ingredients. You can check the necessary details on our website.


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    Rose face moisturizer

    Bio Hydrate

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    Soothe and Hydrate

    Shower some love on your skin and say goodbye to dry and dull skin, Bio Hydrate – Rose Face Moisturizer is a light and gentle moisturizer is perfect for every skin type, thanks to the blend of soothing ingredients like rose petal infused water and aloe vera extract. The rose petal infusion and calming aloe vera extract hydrates your skin and keep it feeling soft and supple. Shea butter and Cocoa butters not only holds moisture in the skin but also soothes sunburn and promotes a healthy glowing complexion.

    How to use –

    Apply a dab onto a clean face for smooth, silky skin.

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