Rose clay

Blend of Luxurious Rose Clay provides your skin a clean and matte feel. Rose clay is considered as a type of kaolin clay, which best suits the dry skin.


Rose clay is a natural occurring clay that has kaolinite as its principle constituent. 

Rose clay is found in many Countries like Brazil, Bulgaria, India, Australia, France and other Countries.

Rose clay has many benefits for your skin like it gives your skin a gentle cleanse and draws out impurities while moisturizing.


Products with this ingredient

  • Sale! Oats Face CleanserOats face Cleanser
    Oats face cleanser

    Oat My God !

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    For Heavenly Soft Skin

    We may or may not love oats as a healthy diet food, this oats face cleanser will surely be loved by your skin. Oats coated with rose clay and calamine powder, provides mild scrubbing by oaty texture and deep cleanses your face with rose clay and calamine powder. The glycerine binds the clays and acts as humectant which provides moisture to your skin. Blended with essential oils like neroli and cedarwood, giving it a heavenly aroma, this cleanser must be your go to product, and because it’s so gentle, anyone can use it.

    How to use-

    Take a spatula, add a little water to the cleanser and make a paste. When you are happy with the texture, massage it over your face and gently rinse it with water.

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