Tea Tree Oil

We uses Tea Tree Leaves Extract and Oil in our formulations as it keeps the skin clean and free of blemishes. It helps to break down oil and dirt on the skin.


Steam distillation is the process of extracting the Essential Oil from the Fresh Tea Tree Leaves itself, here the fresh Tea Tree Leaves are Boiled in water. The water evaporates and the condensed vapour is collected this condensed water is what we use in our Toners and what is left behind is Tea Tree Oil.

Tea Tree is known to treat Acne as it clears out the excess oils from deep within the skin and purifies the skin. It has anti-inflammatory properties, which helps in reducing redness, swelling. It is also known to reduce scars on the skin, and give your skin a smooth and clear look.

Products with this ingredient

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    Tea Tree Water

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    Cleansing & Toning

    Spritz this bottle of goodness all over your face for a refreshing and oil free day ahead. <3

    How to use –

    Spritz onto clean skin & remove excess with a cotton pad.

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